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Game Reviews

Here's my opinion on the latest games... (Good or Bad)

Here's MY first review for the site. Enjoy!

Half-Life Counter Strike from Sierra

Game description and comments:

Counter Strike is the best multi-player game you can get! After buying it and of course downloading the updates, I put it to a test drive. It was amazing! The first thing any true player should do is run the Training Mission. This basically lets you get familiar with the HL engine (for those of you have not yet bought the multi faceted classic. SHAME on you), and with the new weapon buying system, you must earn cash by completing mission objectives, such as rescuing a hostage, or defusing a bomb. And with this cash you buy weapons at the begining of each round. (Press B) The CS arsanel is very impressive. Guns range from Glocks, Desert Eagles, Magnum sniper rifles, to Sub Machine Guns, and Assault Rifles. You can also purchase equipmet such as Kevlar vests and helmets (essential), smoke grenades, and night vision goggles. The gameplay is tactical as well as fast and furious. You must have a hunters instinct, and the reflexes of a paranoid ape to suceed in Counter-Strike. The game is very team orientated, as you would expect from any Counter Terrorist game. The wrong move could get yourself as well as your team members killed. So proceed with caution. (the flash bombs are lethal)
If you are looking for a solid single player game CS is not the game for you. Counter-Strike is strictly a multiplayer game, though the CS team is working on a CS single player game. But if you're looking for a worthy game to kill time Counter-Strike is the game for you!

Ratings (scale of 1-10):

Graphics: 8
Sound effects and music: 6
Originality: 3
Challenge: 9
Overall: 7.5